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Telemann about Leipzig
"Finally I had had enough of these years of service in a subordinate position and wanted very much to attend a university, so I chose Leipzig University. I then returned to my native city to prepare what was necessary to achieve this objective. I had to take a special examination from which it was determined that I should study law and give up music entirely. This had been my intention anyway and I acquiesced without any objection having firmly intended to become a privy councilor. Meanwhile my roommate, I do not know how this really happened, discovered by chance between the linen sheets in my suitcase Psalm 6 which I had set to music. He asked me if he could have it so that it could be performed next Sunday in St. Thomas Church. After hearing this composition, Mr. D. Romanus, the mayor of Leipzig at that time and also a privy councilor liked it so much that he persuaded me to compose something like this once every two weeks, for which I would receive considerable remuneration. Now, when I received a new sum of money from my mother, whose orders I respected, I thought of her, sent back the money, wrote to her about my present circumstances and asked her to change her mind about my music-making. She gave me her blessing for my new endeavor. Now at least I was a musician again even if it was only part-time. Soon thereafter I took over the direction of operas, about 20 or so, some of which I had requested from Sorau and Frankfurt and for many of which I also composed the verses. The organ in the New Church was finally finished and I was appointed to the position of organist as well as the director of music in that church."