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Frankfurt am Main

Telemann about Frankfurt am Main
"I have no idea what it was that caused me to leave such a choice position as the court in Eisenach; but I do remember having once heard back then: “Whoever would want a position where he could stay for the rest of his life, he should settle in a republic.” That is why I then obtained a position as music director at the Barfüsser Church in Frankfurt/Mainand settled there without knowing a single person. However, this pleasant sense of freedom in one’s life replaced fully the loss and suffering I had endured from one specific gentleman and from well-meaning virtuosi. My musical requirements there included having me fulfill the stipulations of my contract with Eisenach which included some yearly cycles that were still incomplete. Then I completed five [cantata] cycles and increased my series of instrumental compositions which could help me fill out (in addition to those already mentioned) the grand weekly concerts at the Frauenstein Palace that I had begun there."