Telemann in Magdeburg
TA 55 Volume without Recitative (c) Ralph-Jürgen Reipsch
International Telemann Competition 2015 (c) Ronny Hartmann
The Society House is also the headquarters of the Center for Telemann Care and Research. (c) Schmalhaus
How does the active debate with Telemann's life and work look like?
Telemann's birthplace has been committed to the composer's heritage for more than half a century. In 1962, the Magdeburg Telemann Festival took place for the first time, which today belong to the traditional international music festivals for early music. Magdeburg is the venue of the International Telemann Competition which invites young musicians from all over the world with a changing invitation to tender. In 2017, this competition will be launched for the first time for singing. Since 1961, first-class performers have been performing in the chamber music series „Sonntagsmusiken“. Nestor of continuous Telemann care is the work group „Georg Philipp Telemann“ Magdeburg.
Since the 1970s many Telemann activities have been curated by the municipal center for Telemann care and research, which publishes scientific editions and publications as well as the Telemann edition. The International Telemann-Society and the Melante Foundation are also based in Magdeburg. The conservatory of the city bears the name of the composer and is engaged, among other things, with the special ensemble KONbarock for the care of old music.