Telemann in Magdeburg

Which highlights does your city offer in the Telemann festival year 2017?
Magdeburg invites you to go with Telemann through the year. The Magdeburg Philharmonic Orchestra is opening with its New Year's Concert. Especially the period from March to June is calles „Telemania 2017 - from Magdeburg into the world“. Highlights are the opening of the Telemann year on March 4th (with Ludwig Güttler and the „Virtuosi Saxoniae“), the 9th International Telemann Competition, first held for singing (10-19 March, prize-giving concert on 19 March. Choir Festival of the Association of German Concert Choirs (28.4.-1.5.), as well as concerts with Klaus Mertens (5.3.), Michael Schneider (17.3.), Dorothee Oberlinger (18th June), Thomaner Choir Leipzig (22st June), Reinhard Goebel (25th June) and the cantor of the Thomaner Choir, Gotthold Schwarz (26th June). In addition, central works from Telemann's late works will be heard, among others. „The Resurrection“ (June 10th, conducted by KMD Michael Scholl), the „Day of Judgment“ (June 23rd director: Gewandhaus organist Michael Schönheit) and „Die Hirten bei der Krippe zu Bethlehem“ (15.12., Michael Scholl).
Telemann's music will also be encountered in unusual places, such as the „culture tram”, at flashmobs or even in the football stadium. The „Fête de la musique“, which is held annually in the summer, will also set a Telemann focus in Magdeburg in 2017.
Newly launched is a „motet“ every first Saturday of the month in the High Choir of the Walloon Church. And the „Big Telemann Night“ will be held at the Klosterbergegarten (24.6.) and will be a big festival of the people of Magdeburg and their guests. It will be felt: Telemann is at home in Magdeburg.