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Prominent artistic personalities comment on their personal relationship to Georg Philipp Telemann.


Michi Gaigg (artist)

Do you remember your first encounter with Telemann’s music or do you associate a special experience with it?

I had my first very strong experience with Telemann during my first engagement with a baroque orchestra. At that time we performed the concert in E minor for flute, recorder, strings and basso continuo. Especially the last movement of this concerto inspired me very much.

Which Telemann composition(s) would you take with you to the legendary desert island?

I like the passion oratorio „Das Selige Erwägen“ („The Spiritual Consideration”) very much.

I made a record of it with my orchestra „L’Arpa Festante“ in the 1980s. All orchestral colours which you can think of and so dramatic!

What would you like to talk about with Telemann over a glass of wine?

About his several journeys and impressions, how he could make so many musical inventions and why a mixed taste was of great importance for him. Furthermore, I would like to know more about his opera performances. Why did you use certain libretti, for example, why the „Miriways” material? Just great!

What does Telemann have that other’s do not?

Telemann has an unmistakable language, handling of effects and a very clear rhetoric … Everyone is able to understand his stories and narrations.

[Source: Telemann aus Magdeburg. 50 Jahre betont. Program of the Magdeburg Telemann Festival, 9.-18. March 2012, page. 79.]