Interesting Facts


Prominent artistic personalities comment on their personal relationship to Georg Philipp Telemann.

Paul Dombrecht
Michi Gaigg
Reinhard Goebel
Ludwig Güttler
Nikolaus Harnoncourt

Wolfgang Hirschmann
Felix Koch
Dorothee Oberlinger
Siegfried Pank
Burkhard Schmilgun

Peter Schreier
David Stern


Peter Schreier (artist)

„Lately I have discovered Telemann for me afresh - music which I used to consider as ,cantor yarn', but which wins powerful contours and an almost sculptural imagery if you consistently work through the articulation, the phrasing and dynamics and if you base the performance on it all. It always depends on interpretation whether listening to music of a bygone era comes to a vivid experience.“

[Source: Aus meiner Sicht. Gedanken und Erinnerungen. Berlin 1983.]