City Network

The Idea

A network of Telemann cities was initiated for a joint preparation and execution of the Telemann year 2017. It links the most important Places in Telemann’s life: Magdeburg, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Hildesheim, Leipzig, Żary and Pszczyna (Poland), Eisenach, Frankfurt am Main as well as Hamburg und Paris (France). Each of these cities influenced his career and in each of these cities the multipresent composer and organizer of musical events left his mark and led the local life of music to new heights. The impact of Telemann’s music reached far beyond the cities mentioned - a fact that can serve as a model for the work of the city network.
Under the trademark “Telemann 2017” it is intended to honour the musical cosmopolitan Georg Philipp Telemann with concerts, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, youth projects and in other creative events and thereby to stimulate the general public’s awareness. Naturally, there will also be a link with the Reformation Anniversary in 2017 as it was Telemann who reformed the protestant sacred music in a lasting way with his cantatas which became more and more popular. This also provided new inspiration and set new standards for his friends Bach and Händel.


Telemann maintained contact with celebrities, in particular of the musical, cultural and intellectual life throughout Europe with a sense of dedication resulting in an impressive network of correspondence. And exactly by following that example the former Telemann cities want to co-operate in order to stimulate the awareness of the significance of Telemann throughout Europe in a multi-faceted way.

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Frankfurt am Main